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The Clear Skin Diet


The Clear Skin Diet

Just like your body works its best when you follow a good nutrition plan, your skin is its best with a healthy
diet too. It can be very easy to give in to temptation and indulge on salty snacks and sweet treats, but
knowing what foods hurt your skin and what foods help your skin can make a huge difference in your fragile


Below is a list of foods that are very bad for your complexion, followed by a list of foods that are wonderful
for your complexion:

The Bad:

Rice Cakes - Crazy, right? Usually consumed to help with weight loss, rice cakes are known to cause blood
sugar levels to soar causing early signs of wrinkles.

Candy - No surprise here! Candy is packed with sugars that eat away at the collagen in the skin. This will
quickly result in a loss of that naturally bright and supple skin.

Milk - It may be good for your body and bone strength, but most milks contain hormones that get into the
blood stream causing inflammation and oil production. An organic milk is a great alternative.

Chips - Ugh.. Not Fair, right? Chips, unfortunately, are packed with refined carbs. These little devils increase
irritation that triggers DNA and collagen-damaging stress. Over time this will noticably produce an aged
complexion, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Good:

Olive oil - Whaaat? That's right! Olive oil above and beyond any other oil contains 75% monounsaturated
fats that play a role in a youthful boost and quenches damaging free radicals.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes contain antioxidant lycopene that builds the skin's natural SPF.

Dark Chocolate - Yum! Dark chocolate has cocoa flavinals which are plant compounds with antioxidants
that hydrate skin and help improve circulation. 

Orange peel - Orange peel contains limonene that naturally helps to protect your skin from harmful UV
rays. How to consume them? Twist them into your water or tea!