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Skin Care for Swimmers


Skin Care for Swimmers


It is finally Spring and as it becomes warmer and the sun gets higher in
the sky, hot temperatures drive us to the pool more often. Whether you
own a pool or your simply love to go swimming throughout the season, it
is important to be aware of the damage chlorine, salt water, and harsh
chemicals in the water can do to your

Let's look at what to be aware of and how to protect your skin this year in
and by the pool.



Pool water contains chemicals to keep the water clean, but these chemicals can really dry out your skin. Rinse down your whole body and hair BEFORE you go swimming to hydrate the top layer of your skin to help it from drying out. 

If you have light or blond colored hair you can protect your hair from turning green from the chlorine by
smoothing coconut oil into your hair before you enter the pool.


Rinse After

Spend several minutes rinsing off AFTER swimming too. A thorough rinse after swimming to get all the
lingering chlorine off your skin and hair will help prevent irritation. Chemicals that sit on the skin for hours
after swimming can seriously dry out the skin and hair and cause it to age faster.



(Illuma Body Spa Rejuvinating Body Lotion) & (Image Prevention+ SPF 50 Moisturizer)


Before going out into the sun apply a generous amount of sunblock to your skin to protect it from harmful UV
rays. This is something you should do every day whether you're going swimming or not. It is also important to
apply a good moisturizer to your skin following your post-swim shower.

Because the chemicals in the pool can dry out your skin, applying moisturizer afterward will work to help seal
in your skins natural oils, as well as, work to re-hydrate your skin.

 A Hydrating Serum

(Image Max Stem Cell Serum)


In addition to using a good moisturizer post-swim, you can give your skin an extra boost of hydration by using a hydrating serum. We LOVE the Image Max Stem Cell Serum because it has active stem cells that work serious overtime on your skin for an added result driven and dewy complexion.


Purify by Drinking Water

Hydrating from the inside is always important for healthy skin always, and after a day in the sun it is extra
important. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day for healthy skin and a healthy you over all.


Super Dry Spots?

(Hydrocortisone cream)

Still experiencing super dry patches of skin? Use a strong hydrocortisone cream on dry spots to heal
irritated patches. If you will be spending even more time in the sun protect your dry skin by wearing long
sleeves, sunglasses and a big floppy hat.


Wash Your Swimsuit

Last but certainly not least, ALWAYS wash your swimsuit after being in the pool. It can be easy to forget
about your swimsuit or just hang it up to dry to be used again the following day. Chemicals like chlorine stay in the fabric of your swimsuit and not only fade and damage your suit, but also can irritate skin if not washed
out properly after each use. Rinse it thoroughly before hanging it up to dry!