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Eye & Lip Skin Rescue


Eye & Lip Skin Rescue


The skin around your eyes and lips is often the first to show aging. The skin is more delicate around your eyes and mouth than anywhere else on your face and is usually the first place you will notice fine lines or dullness. Today we will discuss some options for saving that delicate skin and revitalizing it to be healthy and plump.



Straight from Suzie:

What are some good treatments we can do for skin around lips and eyes, and what are the benefits?:

A really result driven, intense treatment for around the eyes and lips is our Laser Genesis. This is a targeted heat intensive treatment which targets collagen production. With focus around eyes and lips you will notice a plumping and smoothing of crow's feet around the eyes, and a redefining "pop" to the lip line and lips. This treats the feather lines very aggressively and can help with prevention of new deeper lines in all treatment areas.

For someone who is concerned with fine lines and aging skin around lips and eyes, what are some products we recommend and what are some precautions that can be followed to prevent future damage and aging?:

Our collagen amplifier by Epicuren is a wonderful product to treat eye and lip areas. This stimulates collagen production and works great along with the Laser Genesis treatment.

Always keeping your skin moisturized and protected is vital in preventing future damage. Using correct and beneficial products including sun protection daily will help to prevent new heavy lines from forming. Night time treatment is most important in preventing premature aging skin.