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Anson Higgins Featured in New Beauty Magazine

Plastic surgeons Drs. Goesel Anson and Terry Higgins are known among the community for their natural-looking results in a city where over-exaggerated enhancements are commonplace. “If I’ve done my job well, nobody knows I was there and the patients look very natural,” says Dr. Higgins, who devotes much of his time repairing post-pregnancy figure flaws.

Dr. Anson focuses her practice on reversing facial aging. “I want my patients to look as good as they can, at whatever age they are, while still maintaining a natural result. It’s a philosophy we truly believe in,” she says.

Dr. Anson’s reputation for natural results has put her name on the list of Best Doctors in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Life and Las Vegas magazines. “I am proud to be considered a top choice among physicians and health-care professionals within my community,” says Dr. Anson.

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Blessings, Butterflies and Blogs

Hi Family and Friends,

Day One:
I boarded the plane, saying my usual little prayer for safety and protection, only to sit on the runway for 45 minutes, and then told there was a mechanical issue and they would have to go back deplane and wait and see if they could find the part to fix the hydraulics, no less. Well no parts are available. (Super) Next stand in line for 30 minutes and see if they can reroute us. Nope, not for 4 hours. (Excellent) However I can fly to Phoenix, going 1 hour in the opposite direction to catch another 2 hour flight back to San Jose. (Do you know the way to San Jose)?

Now 5 hours later I arrive in Phoenix, wait another hour, say another little prayer and as we pull out to the runway, why (Yes) we have another mechanical and must pull back into the gate. To see if yet again we can find another part. Now, I have been really calm, unmoved, even grateful, up till now. But, now I'm starting to think, (Oh come on). Well, finally they discover were good to go and again I say a little prayer.

Good news I finally arrive in San Jose its now 9:00 pm and I was supposed to be there at 1:00 pm. So only 8 hours late, my friend has had to turn around and go home twice, but now were finally on the road. Did I mention neither of us can see in the dark. Again I say a little prayer.

We manage to find the Bed and Breakfast, go have pizza and stay up till 1:30 am catching up.

{Lesson Learned} Say a little Prayer!!!

Day Two:
The next morning breakfast is served at 9:00am and I am determined to have a great day no matter how tired I am. I will enjoy this day no matter what. I pop my medication and head down to a beautiful 5 star breakfast. After coffee I notice I'm feeling a bit dazed and slightly confused, so much so my friend wants to know if I'm all right. I refocus and say I guess the traveling just caught up with me.

Now its off to the butterflies, this is the reason for the trip to see the (Monarch Migration). We arrive at what looks to be someones backyard, (okay). As we head down the path we see a bunch of dead looking trees and dirt, apparently this is it! Dead trees and dirt and did I mention (not one) butterfly...

A couple of people said they saw some down by a bush in someones yard so (I) determined to see butterflies head down to the bush. Well, there were TWO, and most of the time they stayed behind the bush. Oh well, we say we got a double portion.

We drive down to Cannery Row and shop some, eat some and drink some. Now its back to the B & B for massages. They knock on the door but apparently I've fallen asleep and they cant wake me up. So my friend opens the door and gets me up. Wow, I must have really needed that nap.

Its off to dinner and we go into Pacific Grove a restaurant called Fandango. Great food, service and fun. Its now 11:30 pm I offer to split a Excedrin PM with my friend to make sure were both fresh for our trip into Carmel the next day.

As I'm looking, I'm thinking mmmhhmm, where did it go? Yep, I took it for breakfast. Isn't that wonderful!!!

{Lesson Learned} Intention is everything!!!

Carmel, beautiful ocean, and real estate and we covered alot of territory in a short time. We had lunch at Casanova, stopped by Trouve, Jan de Luz, and my favorite Diggity Dog. I bought lots of fun stuff, including a bunny gown for Bella, an extravagance at $44 but Kylee loved it.

Next were off to Pebble beach and we check out the spa, which I promise myself on the next trip I will visit. Then off to the Pebble Beach Lodge for dinner. We decide to eat at the Tap Room as were not really dressed for the formal restaurant. We try the artichoke soup, (Delicious) the calamari, and some Long Island Ice Teas. I love the history, and imagine Tiger Woods and the other champions enjoying drinks after playing.

{Lesson Learned} Seize the day!

We have a beautiful breakfast and meet some really nice people from Santa Cruz, Ca. We tell them of our butterfly blunder and guess what? They say that the butterflies have landed in Santa Cruz only a 30 minute drive from where we are and near the airport, where I will again be flying back to Las Vegas. (Say a little prayer)

We arrive at Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz, and its beautiful. Its set up on the high Big Sur coast, it smells like Eucalyptus. The path is strewn with greenery and long hanging vines. And at last the Monarchs!!! We see a caterpillar, Chrysalis and even a newly emerged baby Monarch drying her wings for flight. What a fantastic end to a fabulous trip.

{Lesson Learned} If at first you don't succeed, God has something better!!!

PS. The flight home, I was the last person to board they we were waiting for me. We took off early and landed 20 minutes early.

Whats this got to do with skin care, you ask? Absolutely nothing, I suppose I could tie in the newly emerging, metamorphis of the butterfly. However, it was just FUN and beautiful and it made me feel good from the inside out.

I think most would say thats where beauty starts.