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Anson Higgins Featured in New Beauty Magazine

Plastic surgeons Drs. Goesel Anson and Terry Higgins are known among the community for their natural-looking results in a city where over-exaggerated enhancements are commonplace. “If I’ve done my job well, nobody knows I was there and the patients look very natural,” says Dr. Higgins, who devotes much of his time repairing post-pregnancy figure flaws.

Dr. Anson focuses her practice on reversing facial aging. “I want my patients to look as good as they can, at whatever age they are, while still maintaining a natural result. It’s a philosophy we truly believe in,” she says.

Dr. Anson’s reputation for natural results has put her name on the list of Best Doctors in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Life and Las Vegas magazines. “I am proud to be considered a top choice among physicians and health-care professionals within my community,” says Dr. Anson.

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I believe its good to try new things, be open to the possibilitiesRainbow, and live outside the box. When it comes to facials were always adding new and better movements, skin products and technology.

SmileyWell I thought it would be fun to bake sugar cookies this year with my beautiful daughter Kylee, she was so excited! Lets just say I'm glad I've experienced the experience, and now I think we'll try something else. We started at 10:00 am and finished at 9:00 pm, wonderful!Sarcastic I have two ovens and one cookie sheet. So there's the mixing and refrigerating, the rolling and the rerolling, the cutting, flouring, rolling, cutting, you get the picture.

It was supposed to be 5 dozen, after 11 hours we had a total of 24, yee haw...So Angry! Then my helpful husband decided to help decorate and while carrying the cookies over to the table he proceeded to drop 10. Lets just say we all had a good laughSmiley (Can you say, "No more wire hangars") NO MORE SUGAR COOKIES...So Angry! I think I'll go with the buy it in the tub kind from now on, and I will definitely buy more cookie sheetsWink!...

In conclusion have some fun try new things and if you havent already, explore something new for your inner and outer beauty with one of our Specialty facials or Laser Genesis, the wrinkle reducer.Present!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Prosperous New Year!